David Kennard

David Kennard has more than 40 years of international experience as a Producer, Writer, Director and Communications Consultant. He has played a leading role in the creation of many non-fiction television specials, books, multimedia products and media campaigns, and has produced fifteen major international documentary series. His work as a producer and director includes:

  • A Year in Burgundy (InCA’s first feature documentary)
  • Keeping Score with Michael Tilson Thomas
  • Cosmos with Carl Sagan
  • Connections with James Burke
  • The Ascent of Man with Jacob Bronowski
  • We The People with Peter Jennings
  • Joseph Campbell: The Hero’s Journey
  • The Heart of Healing with Jane Seymour
  • Global Warming with Alanis Morrisette
  • The Final Hours: Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight
  • The Promise of Play with Jane Goodall
  • 2001:HAL’s Legacy with Arthur C. Clarke
  • His work has won the National Emmy, International Emmy, Dupont Columbia, American Historical Association, National Education Film Festival, International Science Film Festival, Houston Worldfest, Alexander Hamilton, Cine Golden Eagle, BAFTA and Peabody Awards.

    Kennard is the co-founder and President of InCA (Independent Communications Associates Inc), a worldwide non-fiction production company with offices in San Francisco, Toulouse (France) and Nairobi (Kenya), with a 30-year track record of documentary excellence.

    David Kennard’s corporate and institutional clients have included:

    Apple Computer, the University of Southern California, Foote Cone & Belding, Barclays Bank, CleanFish, the US Department of Energy, Discovery Communications, Levi Strauss, Nippon Telephone & Telegraph (NTT Soft), The San Francisco Symphony, the Defense Research Institute, The National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian Institution, Sprint Telecommunications, Electric Minds Corporation, Optreon, Globeam Corp., Institutional Venture Partners, GlaxoSmithKline, The Institute for International Studies at Stanford University, UCLA Medical School and the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts.

    David Kennard holds an MBA from Indiana University, an MA and BA in Modern Languages from Oxford, and a DAP from the Sorbonne, University of Paris. He is married, he has four children and he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Credits: 2000 – 2014

    A Year in Champagne (2014)
    Clients: RTR International Inc and Samuel Goldwyn Films
    InCA’s second feature documentary
    Premiered at Santa Barbara International Film Festival January 2014
    (Senior Producer/Director/Writer/Narrator)

    A Year in Burgundy (2013)
    Clients: RTR International Inc and FilmBuff/Kino Lorber
    InCA’s first feature documentary: winner of Oenovideo Award
    (Senior Producer/Director/Writer/Narrator)

    Journey of the Universe (2013)
    Clients: PBS (Pledge Special)
    One-hour film: winner of the Northern California EMMY for best documentary

    Reinventing Yourself (2012)
    Clients: Creative Oklahoma Inc
    Second film in national PBS series on creativity, premiered June 2012

    Deep Waters (2011)
    Clients: Canadian Regional Development Authority
    Short film for internet and educational distribution

    Keeping Score: the Third Series – Gustav Mahler (2010-11)
    Clients: San Francisco Symphony, Haas Jr.Foundation and PBS/KQED
    Final two films on classical music featuring Michael Tilson Thomas
    (Series Producer/Co-producer/Co-director)

    Keeping Score: the Second Series (2009)
    Clients: San Francisco Symphony, Haas Jr.Foundation and PBS/KQED
    3-part series on classical music featuring Michael Tilson Thomas
    (Series Producer/Co-producer/Co-writer/Co-director)

    ReCreating America: Creativity and Learning (2009)
    Clients: Creative Oklahoma Inc
    First film in national PBS series on creativity, premiered October 2009
    (Series Producer/Co-producer/Co-writer/Co-director)

    Clean Fish: the Loch Duart and Guaymas stories (2007-8)
    Clients: Clean Fish Inc.
    The first two of several short films, featuring artisan fishermen around the world

    Keeping Score: the First Series (2006)
    Clients: San Francisco Symphony, Haas Jr.Foundation and PBS/KQED
    3-part series on classical music featuring Michael Tilson Thomas
    (Series Producer/Co-producer/Co-writer/Co-director)

    Global Warming: the Signs and the Science (2006)
    Clients: PBS/SCETV, Stonehaven (Montreal) and Toyota Corporation
    90-minute special on climate change, hosted by Alanis Morisette
    (Co-Writer/Producer/Co-director for PBS)

    The Power of the Sun (2005)
    Clients: University of California, PBS
    One-hour documentary on the history of light and solar power
    Featuring Nobel-prizewinner Walter Kohn, hosted by John Cleese

    John Cleese’s Wine For the Confused (2004)
    Clients: The Food Network and MY Television
    Special feature on wine for the Food Channel, starring John Cleese

    One Bite of the Apple (2004)
    Clients: PBS/SCETV, Royal Oak Foundation and others
    Portrait of Winston Churchill’s grand-daughter, artist Edwina Sandys

    Unforgivable? (2004)
    Clients: Dietrich/Watson, Forgiveness Project
    Pilot for series on Forgiveness, featuring The Dalai Lama and Richard Gere

    Keeping Score: The Making of a Performance (2004))
    Clients: San Francisco Symphony and KQED for Great Performances
    Pilot for new series on classical music featuring Michael Tilson Thomas

    Surviving September 11th (2002)
    Clients: UCLA Center for Community Health and PBS/APT
    A half-hour special featuring the effects of 9/11 on one New York family
    (Executive/Senior Producer)

    Stories of Hope (2002)
    Client: Institute of Noetic Sciences
    30-minute instructional video on medical remissions
    (Executive Producer/Co-writer)

    Coming of Age (2001)
    Client: Copia – the American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts
    8 minute signature film for Napa Valley wine center, featuring Robert Mondavi

    2001: HAL’s Legacy (2001)
    Clients: South Carolina Educational TV/PBS/The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    60 and 90 minute Specials about Artificial Intelligence, featuring Arthur C. Clarke
    (Executive Producer/Co-director/Co-writer)

    The Final Hours : Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight (2000)
    Clients: South Carolina TV/ PBS/National Air & Space Museum/Smithsonian
    Documentary recreation of Amelia Earhart’s fateful 1937 journey, shot worldwide
    (Senior Producer/Writer/Co-director/Co-composer)

    The Promise of Play (1999-2000)
    Clients: American Public Television/American Toy Institute
    Three-part national series about the role of play, featuring Jane Goodall and Patch Adams

    Credits: 1990 – 1999

    Africa’s Children (1999)
    Clients: Thomas Gale Trust/InCA Africa/PBS
    Documentary special about teenage girls in Kenya: their problems and triumphs. For distribution in US, Europe and Africa

    Inner Journeys (1998/9)
    Clients: Cross Cultural Journeys/Institute of Noetic Sciences
    Pilot for a series of travel videos to exotic destinations, focussing on the spiritual quest of the participants.(Executive Producer/Co-writer)

    For the Defense (1998)
    Client: Defense Research Institute
    Ten-minute corporate video on future impact of technology on practise of law, for national distribution to defense lawyers

    Amelia Earhart’s Last Voyage (1997)
    Clients: Institutional Venture Partners
    Corporate video for venture capital company, later developed into “The Final Hours” (see 2000 above)

    Le Cassoulet (1997)
    Clients: AURA Productions/InCA France
    Promotional video for the cuisine of the Toulouse Region of France
    (Director/On-screen host)

    Electric Minds (1997)
    Clients: Electric Minds, Softbank Inc
    Corporate launch video for new website/online community

    Pulling Out All the Stops (1996/7)
    Clients: PBS/American Guild of Organists (AGO)
    Music special for national release, celebrating the Centennial of the AGO, featuring pipe organs in concerts, theaters and churches all over America. Also training film and sales tape

    T.H.E. Course (1996)
    Clients: Glaxo Wellcome, Foote Cone & Belding
    Public Education film on AIDS and HIV

    Global One (1996)
    Clients: Sprint, The Shandwick Group
    Launch video for new international telephone consortium Sprint/France Telecom/Deutsche Telecom (Producer/Director/Co-writer)

    V-R Cybercampus (1996)
    Clients: Levi Stauss & Co, NTT:DoCoMo of Japan
    World’s first combination of virtual reality and teleconferencing, beta tested in kiosks on campuses throughout San Francisco area and in Las Vegas
    (Writer/Co-creator/Executive Producer)

    Crown Blue Summer (1995)
    Clients: Crown Blue Line/AURA Productions/InCA France
    Promotional video for French cruise line

    Our Fragile Fortress (1995)
    Clients: KTEH/PBS. Funded by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and Sun Microsystems.
    Documentary special on infectious disease in urban centers of the US

    The Heart of Healing (1993/4)
    Clients: Turner Broadcasting (TBS)/Time Life Video and Television
    Two versions of a multi-part series, featuring connections between psychology and medicine, filmed in twelve countries worldwide. Hosted by Jane Seymour
    (Creator/Co-writer/Series Producer)

    Dangerous Years (1992)
    Clients: The Discovery Channel, National Video Communications (NVC)
    One hour special on the Cold War in the 1950’s, featuring Presidents Nixon, Bush, and Reagan, CIA and KGB operatives. Hosted by John Chancellor of NBC, premiered November 3, 1991
    (Co-writer/Senior Producer/Director)

    Apple Global (1992)
    Client: Apple Computer
    Fifteen-minute global presentation tape to announce the restructuring of Apple and the launch of Power Book laptops

    Things to Come (1991)
    Clients: Channel 4 (UK), La Sept (France) RTVE (Spain)
    Thirteen-part series on the future, shot throughout Europe and the US, created for commercial broadcasters worldwide (with video distribution in US)
    (Creator/Co-writer/Series Producer)

    Imagine This World (1990)
    Clients: Unum Corp, National Foundation for People with Disabilities, NVC
    Two versions of half-hour special featuring two girls with cerebral palsy for PBS release

    Little by Little (1990)
    Client: Channel Four Television, London
    One-hour special on revolutionary new “nanotechnology” and microtechnology. Winner of CNRS/International Science Film Festival Jury Prize

    Credits: 1980 – 1989

    Minidragons (1989)
    Clients: NHK/Japan, Film Australia, WMPT (Maryland)
    A series of four documentaries on South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore
    (Co-Executive Producer).

    The Blue Revolution (1987)
    Clients: Mare Nostrum Foundation/The Discovery Channel
    Eight-part series featuring adventures on the world’s oceans

    We The People (1987)
    Clients: KQED/PBS, Merrill Lynch, the American Bar Association
    A four-part series with Peter Jennings, celebrating the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution
    (Co-Series Producer/Director)

    The West of the Imagination (1986)
    Clients: The Stark Foundation, KERA/PBS
    Six drama-documentaries on the artists of the American West
    (Executive & Series Producer/Co-director/Co-writer)

    The Living Body (1985)
    Clients: The Discovery Channel/Goldcrest
    A twenty-six part series on the human body, hosted by Dr. Christian Barnard
    (Producer/Director of three episodes)

    The Heart of the Dragon (1983/4)
    Clients: Channel Four Television (UK) and PBS
    A twelve-part series on China with Robin McNeil and Jim Lehrer
    (Producer/Director and Co-writer)

    The Hero’s Journey (1982)
    Clients: PBS and video/educational distribution
    A video and TV special with Joseph Campbell

    The Communications Revolution (1980)
    Clients: Coronet/MTI and National Video Communications
    A three-part series on the history of human communications, co-hosted by Arthur C. Clarke
    (Executive Producer/Location Director/Co-host)

    Cosmos (1980)
    PBS & BBC
    A thirteen-part series on astronomy and the planet Earth, hosted by Carl Sagan
    (Senior Producer and Location Director)

    Credits: 1969 – 1979

    Connections (1978)
    PBS & BBC
    Ten-part series on creativity, inventions and technology starring James Burke
    (Co-Series Producer/Director)

    The Age of Uncertainty (1976)
    BBC & PBS
    Thirteen-part series on history of politics, society and economics, with John Kenneth Galbraith

    The Sunday Debate (1974-1975)
    Three twelve-part studio-based series on major social issues, hosted by Sir Robin Day
    (Series Producer)

    Children of the Way (1974)
    One-hour film documentary on the problems facing young immigrant Muslim girls in Britain.
    Hosted by David Attenborough

    The Ascent of Man (1972)
    BBC and Time-Life Films
    Thirteen-part series on the history of science and civilization presented by Jacob Bronowski

    Germany (1970)
    BBC and NDR (Germany)
    A ten-part series on the history of Germany from Bismarck to Hitler and the Berlin Wall.
    Featuring, among many others, former Nazis Baldur von Schirach and Putzi Hanfstaengel

    So You Think You’re a Good Husband/Wife (1969)
    Two studio entertainment/information specials on marriage, featuring Brian Rix and Elspeth Gray (Director)

    Seven Seconds To Run (1969)
    BBC and ABC (Australia)
    Docudrama, recreating the work of Britain’s bomb disposal squads: one of a series “He Who Dares”


    Jamie LeJeune

    Jamie LeJeune joined InCA four years ago with a background in anthropology and community development. Since then he has shot, edited and produced works that range from television documentary series to viral activist video and promotional pieces for local non-profits.

    His credits with InCA include:
    “Arion Press: Creating the 100th” (2014) – Director of Photography
    “ReCreating America: Creativity in Education” (2010) – Associate Producer
    “Keeping Score: Gustav Mahler” (2011) – Associate Producer/Assistant Editor
    “Reinventing Yourself” (2012) – Story Producer/Editor/Camera
    “A Year in Burgundy” (2012) – Director of Photography/Editor
    “A Year in Champagne” (2015) – Director of Photography/Editor

    Jamie has a BA in Anthropology and Philosophy from Boston University.


    James Kennard

    James Kennard has lent his skills to InCA for seven years, joining full-time in 2011. He is a multi-media artist complementing his filmmaking with experience in graphic design, illustration, animation and print production. James also has a background in research and writing, with a BA in History from the University of Oxford and previous jobs as editor of Isis Magazine and company secretary at its parent company OSPL.

    His credits with InCA include:
    “A Year in Burgundy” (2012) – Graphics
    “Arion Press: Creating the 100th” (2014) – Director/Editor
    “A Year in Champagne” (2015) – Camera/Editor/2nd Unit Director


    Lizzie Kennard, Psy.D.

    Lizzie Kennard is co-owner and Senior Vice President of InCA Productions, and Consultant Producer and Director of Research for many of InCA’s productions.

    Previously Lizzie worked at BBC Television in London as Associate Producer and Producer of live studio current affairs shows, children’s programs, a weekly program on the arts, and numerous documentary films shot worldwide including Jordan, Syria, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Britain, and the United States.

    At InCA Productions in San Francisco, Lizzie has focused on the research, development and production of major PBS documentaries and series relating to psychology and human development. These have included:

  • The Heart of Healing
  • The Promise of Play
  • Surviving September 11
  • Recreating America: Creativity and Learning
  • Recreating America: Reinventing Yourself
  • 8 Ways to Wellbeing
  • In addition to her television production work, Lizzie is a Marriage & Family Therapist. She is currently working with Kaiser Permanente (San Francisco Medical Center) and developing a private practice. Until recently, she worked with individuals, couples, children and adolescents at Family Service Agency of Marin. She has also worked as a school counselor at the International High School in San Francisco and at Rancho elementary school in Novato, California.


    Cheryl King

    Cheryl King is a native Californian, born in Oakland, raised in Reno, Nevada and moved to Southern California in 1978. With a background in finance and aided by a stroke of luck, she was able to begin her career in television in 1978 at Gower studios in Hollywood, working for World Stage, a studio and equipment rental company. She then moved to KCET Television, the Los Angeles PBS station as a Unit Coordinator on the COSMOS Series, with Carl Sagan. It was there that she met David Kennard, who was a producer on the same series. Cheryl worked on various additional productions as a KCET Unit Manager, including RAISIN IN THE SUN, with Danny Glover and THE LAST OF MRS. LINCOLN, with Ellen Burstyn.

    After moving to San Francisco in 1989, she worked briefly at KQED, the San Francisco PBS station, on assorted productions. After re-uniting with David Kennard in Mill Valley, she began to work part time for InCA and came on board full time in 1981 with THE HEART OF HEALING. Since that time, she has production managed many productions such as AMELIA EARHARDT’S LAST FLIGHT, THE PROMISE OF PLAY, 2001: HAL’S LEGACY, WINE FOR THE CONFUSED, ONE BITE OF THE APPLE, THE POWER OF THE SUN, THE FORGIVENESS PROJECT, San Francisco Symphony’s KEEPING SCORE: TCHAIKOVSKY’S 4th SYMPHONY, & KEEPING SCORE: BEETHOVEN’S ‘EROICA’, STRAVINSKY’S ‘RITE OF SPRING & AARON COPLAND and the AMERICAN SOUND.

    Ms. King also acts as general Business Manager for InCA Productions.